Bluetooth Hearing Aid with APP Rechargeable Hearing Aids Control High Power Amplifier Severe Loss For Deafness aparelho auditivo

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Bluetooth Hearing Aid Digital Rechargeable Hearing Aids Sound Amplifier

Wireless Programmable Sound Amplifier for Seniors Adults Deafness audifonos
1.USB Rechargeable
2.Noise Reduction
3.Bluetooth Function (make calls and music)
4.7 Volume Levels to adjust–Touch control
5.1.5-2 hours charging time, 8 hours working time
6.Adjust volume separately for both ears
7.Touch 1 sec answer the phone,3 sec hang up the phone,5 sec reject the phone
Technical Specification:
1. Output. OSPL90 Max.≤ 105dB
2. FOG50 MAX Gain ≤ 33dB
3. EQ Input Noise ≤ 22dB
4. FREQUENCY RANGE(Not narrower than): 200Hz-4500Hz
5. Working Current ≤ 8mA/
6. Total Harmonic Distortion <5%
7. Working Voltage D.C 3.7V
8. Play Time: 8 hours

Please download the app at this URL:
Does this device support Bluetooth? Is it applicable to all mobile phones?
Yes, this device is Bluetooth 5.2. You can listen to music, make calls and watch TV via Bluetooth.

This device is applicable to all mobile phones.If you are an Andriod user, please download the APP by scanning the QR code through the browser.



try this link to download the app.

Ways to avoid Whistling /noise:
Whistling may occur if the hearing instrument is turned on,but not securely seated in your ear.this is normal.the whistling will stop once the device is properly seated in your ear.
Whistling is common for small amplifiers and is known as “Feedback”.it is caused by amplified sound from the hearing aid getting back to the micropphone and being re-amplified.The folloring tips will help reduce the occurrence of feedback whistle:
1. Reduce the volume. Turn off or lower the volume before inserting the instrument in your ear.
2. Securely position the instrument into your ear. Once the hearing aid is properly seated in your ear,the whistling will generally stop.
3. Clear the ear canal of wax or debris. Check your ear with help.
4. Change the ear piece or tubing Change a new one or a different size one.the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged,Make sure the tubing is not broken or torn.
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